Congress Considering Disastrous Budget Cuts




In late March, the House Budget Committee approved a FY2017 Budget Resolution that threatens severe budget cuts to essential federal programs serving low-income families and individuals, such as food stamps. If enacted, these changes would mean more hunger and deeper poverty for many people, including working families, children, seniors and those with disabilities.


Please urge your U.S. Representatives to “vote no” if this budget resolution goes to a vote on the House floor. Then, amplify your voice on social media. (See below for how you can easily do this.)



One hundred and twenty dollars per month can be a life preserver for many Coloradans like Linda. The 63-year-old resident of Englewood, Colo., struggled to put healthy food on the table for months. A nutritious diet was essential for Linda’s health, but due to a fixed income and medical expenses, she could not afford the low-sugar foods needed to control her diabetes.

That is until she applied for food stamps, federally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Now, she can purchase needed foods like vegetables, fresh fruit and spices.

“It makes all the difference in the world if I can make it month-to-month without loans and with food I can eat,” said Linda. “I still have to be smart about purchasing food, but I can make it now.”

Right now, Congress is considering deep cuts to food stamps and other important programs as part of the proposed 2016 federal budget in the U.S. House of Representatives. Such deep cuts would harm older Coloradans like Linda, as well as working families and children. These cuts wouldn’t create a stronger America but instead make hunger worse, devastate families and shrink our economy. If we want to see people and communities thrive, we must protect federal nutrition programs like food stamps.


Please urge your Members of Congress to “vote no” on any deep cuts to food stamps. Then, amplify your voice on social media.

Here are some easy ways to voice your concerns with legislators, family and friends on Facebook and Twitter:

Connect with your Members of Congress on Facebook, Twitter and other networks:

Hashtags to use:

  • #EndHungerNow
  • #StoptheCuts
  • #SNAPworks
  • #SNAPmatters

Sample tweets/social media posts to direct towards Congress or your legislators (please only use these as a guide and personalize your message!)

  • Deep SNAP cuts in the budget would be disastrous for working families, kids & seniors. #EndHungerNow
  • Food stamps create opportunity; serve as economic bridge. Please #ProtectSNAP and help #EndHungerNow.
  • Food stamps invest in hard-working families, children & seniors. Don’t harm the most vulnerable. #ProtectSNAP, Congress. #EndHungerNow

Sample social media posts to encourage others to take action

  • Take action to #endhungernow! Ask your U.S. Rep to vote NO on any budget proposal that would cut SNAP! #endhungernow
  • Let’s #StoptheCuts! Proposed federal budget would make hunger worse instead of #EndHungerNow. Act now:

For Facebook (craft your own message or choose one to post directly on your legislator’s page)

  • Deep budget cuts to food stamps would make hunger worse and devastate families. As your constituent, I urge you to protect SNAP, instead of creating a hungrier Colorado and America. Vote “no” to any major changes and show that you care about all Coloradans!
  • Massive SNAP cuts in the budget would be disastrous for working families, kids and seniors in Colorado. As your constituent, I urge you to protect SNAP. A “no” vote is an investment in better, healthier lives and stronger Colorado communities!
  • Deep cuts to SNAP would be disastrous for working families. Do you know kids, seniors and those who are disabled benefit most from food stamps? Voting in favor of cuts shows whose side you’re on, and it’s not the most vulnerable. As your constituent, I urge you to VOTE NO!

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