Your Neighborhood Food Truck

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Get connected to food and nutrition resources in a comfortable, confidential setting, right in your neighborhood.

Your Neighborhood Food Truck is serving up access to computers and personal support to help local families and individuals apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), as well as offer information on other food and nutrition options in your area. Bilingual assistance is available.

Learn more about the new mobile program and its services, what you should bring when applying for SNAP, and where it will visit next.


What is Your Neighborhood Food Truck? What services are available?

FoodTruck 3C Web RGB Your Neighborhood Food TruckYour Neighborhood Food Truck is a 40-ft RV retrofitted to connect families to needed food resources, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), local food pantries, meal sites and other community options that offer access to affordable, healthy food. The mobile program provides ready access to four computer bays so individuals and families can apply for SNAP, as well as receive one-on-one guidance through the process or to access other community food resources.

Its services include:

  • Providing one-on-one help with SNAP (formerly food stamps) application process
  • Screening for all federal nutrition programs
  • Offering referrals to food pantries and free meals
  • Giving information on child and senior nutrition programs
  • Answering any questions about food assistance
  • Connecting to other partnering agencies

In partnership with SNAP into Health, a program of Denver Human Services, a caseworker is on-board Your Neighborhood Food Truck when visiting locations in Denver County. This means that, if you are a Denver County resident, bring the needed paperwork and qualify for SNAP, you may be able to get approved and receive your Electronics Benefit Transfer (EBT) card to purchase groceries that same day.


What should I bring when applying for SNAP?

To save time and help the application process go faster, please bring all the necessary paperwork with you. The following are examples of verifications that you may need for your interview. Please bring all that apply to your application:

  • Form of Identification (One of the following for each person applying):
      • Birth certificate  
      • Driver’s license
      • Work or school identification card
      • Health benefits identification card
      • Voter registration card

  •  Residency Forms (All applicable documents)
      • Rental agreement or mortgage statement, showing your address
      • Utility bills – telephone, electricity, gas, oil, water, sewerage, garbage  

  • Immigration Status (only for those applying not born in the U.S.)
      • Immigration or Naturalization papers (NOT required if you are applying for your children who were born in the U.S.)

  • Earned income (one of the items listed below)
      • Pay stubs
      • Statement from employer as to gross wages
      • Income tax forms
      • Self-employment bookkeeping records

  • Unearned Income (All that are applicable)
      • Bank statements (bank statements showing direct deposits)
      • Child support documents (such as a court order or cancelled checks)
      • Unemployment compensation documents
      • Pension documents
      • Social Security letters and/or other documents
      • Veteran’s assistance letters and/or other documents
      • Supplemental Security Income letters
      • Child care expense documents (such as cancelled checks)
      • Alimony letter
      • Retirement
  • Medical Expense Forms (any that are applicable)
      • Medical bills that you pay (if 60 years or older, or disabled)


When will Your Neighborhood Food Truck visit my neighborhood?

Your Neighborhood Food Truck visits a variety of sites throughout the city and county of Denver, including health clinics, grocery stores, recreation centers, senior housing and community events in targeted areas. To find out if Your Neighborhood Food Truck is scheduled to make a stop in your area, view the mobile program’s calendar below or call the Hunger Free Hotline at (855) 855-4626.

*Please note that the times and locations may change. You are encouraged to call the multilingual Hunger Free Hotline toll-free at (855) 855-4626, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., to confirm information before visiting one of our mobile sites. We take many things into consideration when parking the truck. Read more about our parking guidelines here.