School Breakfast Program

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Studies show that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for children. Eating school breakfast improves children’s educational performance, behavior and health, and you can get involved in helping ensure that children get a nutritious start to their school day.


What is the School Breakfast Program?

The School Breakfast Program is a federal nutrition program that provides reimbursement to schools that serve breakfast to students who qualify. Those who do not eat a regular, nutritious morning meal may be more likely to struggle with poor academic performance, exhibit behavior problems and experience poor health.

Hunger Free Colorado and the other lead partners in the Colorado No Kid Hungry Colorado campaign are working to increase participation for all students so more children and teenagers are setup for success in the classroom. One goal of their comprehensive five-year plan to end child hunger by 2015 is focused on the statewide expansion of the School Breakfast Program, and they plan to achieve that by increasing the number of schools offering breakfast as well as increasing participation by students. Progress is being made: For the 2010-11 school year, 108,509 average daily school breakfasts were served, a growth of 11.25 percent compared to the previous year.

As part of the campaign, Hunger Free Colorado works with schools and communities to increase participation in the School Breakfast Program by assisting with the implementation of innovative-serving models that incorporate breakfast as part of the school’s morning routine. Instead of the traditional method of serving breakfast in the cafeteria before classes start, elementary to high schools across the state can make it easier for students by offering Breakfast in the Classroom, Grab and Go,  Breakfast After First Period or Breakfast on the Bus.

Through efforts to increase participation in the School Breakfast Program, more children and teenagers will now have a nutritious way to start the day in the 2013-14 school year. This includes schools using innovative serving models—like Breakfast in the Classroom, Grab and Go, Breakfast After First Period and Breakfast on the Bus—to encourage more students to participate in and benefit from a school breakfast.


Free or Reduced-Price Meals (FRP)

Now is the time for families to enroll or re-enroll for Free or Reduced-Price (FRP) meals, so their children have access to FRP lunches and possibly breakfast at their school. Besides ensuring that children start off the day in a nutritious way, there are financial benefits for families, too.

Encourage families to complete the process today!


School Breakfast Toolkit

Why is breakfast so important for children and teenagers? Are you interested in implementing a new breakfast-serving model in your school? Check out these resources.

fi pdf small School Breakfast Program Why Increase School Breakfast Participation
fi pdf small School Breakfast Program 2011 Colorado School Breakfast Report
fi xls small School Breakfast Program Colorado BIC Potential Revenue Guide

Interested in promoting innovative serving models like Breakfast in the Classroom or Grab and Go? Check out these fliers.

fi pdf small School Breakfast Program Breakfast in the Classroom Flier- parent version (English & Spanish)
fi pdf small School Breakfast Program Grab and Go Breakfast Flier- parent version (English and Spanish)