Hunger Through My Lens


Project Updates

Hunger Through My Lens, the photovoice project facilitated by Hunger Free Colorado, has struck a chord with people across Colorado and the nation.

Over the next year, Hunger Through My Lens will be expanding in two exciting ways.

First, we are working with partners in the San Luis Valley and Roaring Fork Valley that have launched sister site projects, with a third project in the works.

A website to showcase Hunger Through My Lens and the project participants will launch in early 2016. It will include an online gallery, and eventually serve as a platform for other Coloradans to tell their own stories.

Both the development of a new website and the expansion to three sister projects will advance our goal of providing a platform for Coloradans to reframe and recount their stories, with the hope of creating change in how we view and understand the issue of hunger.


What is Hunger Through My Lens?

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Based on the photovoice model, Hunger Through My Lens is an advocacy project that sheds light on the reality of hunger in the Denver Metro area. The participation of experts—individuals who experience hunger—is the foundation of photovoice and this project. Following this model, Hunger Through My Lens is designed to provide a platform for Coloradans to share their stories.

Digital cameras are the main medium for participants to express themselves and put real stories to the overwhelming statistics surrounding hunger. The photographs provide tangible evidence that there’s a need to face the impacts of hunger on individuals, families and communities throughout Colorado.

A traveling exhibit displays the photographs and stories at locations around Denver. Policy makers and stakeholders—including you—are encouraged to view the photographs, meet with participants and engage in critical dialogue. Find out where you can experience Hunger Through My Lens.

The project released a Hunger Through My Lens Case Study & Toolkit in April 2014, so other groups can create a photovoice project in their community. The case study and toolkit the outlines the basics of photovoice, why the method is effective, when and how to use, and guidelines and considerations for developing your own photovoice project. View the how-to guide and resources.

Hunger Through My Lens  also has garnered local and national news coverage, including a PBS NewsHour report report about 15 Colorado women taking aim at hunger with cameras, which struck a chord with people across Colorado and the nation.

For more information on Hunger Through My Lens, contact Sarah Skeen, at (303) 228-7988.


PBS NewsHour: Picturing Hunger in America


What does hunger really look like in America? Fifteen Colorado women — real-life experts — document how hunger impacts their lives and communities for Hunger Through My Lens to create positive change. Watch the PBS NewsHour report about the advocacy project and participants who are taking aim at hunger with cameras to put real faces and stories to the overwhelming statistics. The report went viral, generating millions of views and social media shares, online discussion and a feature on Upworthy.

Credit: PBS NewsHour


Photo Exhibits Scheduled


You  have the opportunity to experience Hunger Through My Lens in-person! All are invited to see the work of the participants and learn about the issue of hunger from the real-life experts’ points of view. View photos from the opening exhibit.






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What is Photovoice?

“Photovoice is a process by which people can identify, represent, and enhance their community through specific photographic technique” (Wang & Burris, 1997).

Photovoice is a form of participatory action research developed by Caroline Wang and Mary Anne Burris. The three main goals of photovoice are to enable people to record and reflect their community’s strengths and concerns, to promote discussion about important issues through group discussions of photographs, and finally to reach and influence policy makers (Wang & Burris, 1997). This model has the ability to empower participants and communities by enabling individuals to share their pictures and stories with decision makers.

Hunger Through My Lens is dedicated to achieving the three goals of photovoice, specifically related to the issue of hunger. The foundation of Hunger Through My Lens is based on extensive research of photovoice studies. In addition, this project has been inspired by Witnesses to Hunger, Kaiser Permante’s Community Health Initiatives, and multiple studies conducted by Caroline Wang.


Thank you to Kaiser Permanente and ConAgra Foods Foundation for funding this project.