Everyone is at their best when they have enough to eat, but there are many life storms that make it difficult for Coloradans to afford healthy food.

Having enough food supports the foundation for optimal health and well-being throughout our lifecycle. Nutritious food helps babies develop, gives kids the energy to excel in school, reduces the risk of chronic diseases in adults, and keeps seniors stable and independent.

Yet, in tens of thousands of homes across the state, our neighbors strive for a brighter future but struggle to make ends meet, whether due to a minimum-wage job, health issue, job loss or another misfortune. Parents go without to feed their children. Too many kids start the school day hungry, unable to focus on learning. And, after a lifetime of working, Colorado seniors are left to fend for themselves and face the question: Do I buy needed medication or food?

Hunger is a serious—and often invisible—problem in Colorado, but it is solvable.

Federal nutrition programs, along with state and local counterparts, play an important role in connecting people of all ages, backgrounds and zip codes to needed food. By working together and supporting people throughout their lives, we can ensure everyone reaches their potential, which benefits all of us. 

Who We Are

Hunger Free Colorado leads efforts to connect families and individuals to food resources and fuel change in systems, policies and social views, so no Coloradan goes hungry.

The nonprofit organization was launched in 2009 from a merger of the Colorado Anti-Hunger Network and the Colorado Food Bank Association, with funding support from The Denver Foundation and Kaiser Permanente. Hunger Free Colorado brings a unified, statewide voice to the issue and solutions surrounding hunger, with a goal to ensure all Coloradans have access to affordable, nutritious food.

Hunger Free Colorado exists to end hunger in Colorado.

Nutritious food is understood as a basic human right.

Core Beliefs & Values:
Hunger Free Colorado holds the core belief that hunger is solvable, unnecessary and unjust, and it impacts everyone living in Colorado. Our core values are:

  • Nutrition: We believe that addressing hunger is addressing nutrition.
  • Innovation: We are committed to looking for the best solutions to end hunger.
  • Partnership: We can’t achieve our vision alone.
  • Community: We believe that there is power in engaging all voices to end hunger.

Our Innovative Work

As the state’s leading anti-hunger organization, we leverage the power of collaboration, systems change, policy change and social change to end hunger in Colorado. Our organization  focuses on systemic and sustainable solutions, but we cannot achieve a hunger-free Colorado alone. Collaboration is key in breaking down barriers to access, supporting thriving communities, and helping Coloradans reach their full potential.

Hunger is solvable, and sustainable solutions exist to eradicate hunger. Let’s work together to ensure every child, adult and senior has a strong foundation of well-being, which includes adequate access to nutritious food.

Download our organizational fact sheet (PDF).


Join us in making Colorado hunger-free! Learn more about our initiatives, team, founding and key supporters, and how you can take action to be a part of the solution.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact us by phone or email.